Our Story

Since we started in 2010, the Bookery has set up more than 92 school libraries in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng

Our professional librarians help us keep our stock of reference, non-fiction and fiction books up to date. We provide at least three books per learner, all carefully chosen to meet their needs and interests.

But a library isn’t just about books. A trained librarian can bring a school library to life, using his or her skills and knowledge to develop the learners’ curiosity, improve their learning and literacy skills, and inspire a love of books which will bring them joy throughout their lives. That’s why, in association with the schools and our partners, we also train and pay young library assistants.

So far, we have distributed more than 365,500 books countrywide. And with your help, we can achieve much more.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We create dynamic school libraries that inspire a love of reading, break barriers and change lives

Theory of Change

Our goal is to create school libraries that are well-stocked with age-appropriate books and other resources. Each library is staffed by a paid, effectively trained and well supported librarian or library assistants.

By creating dynamic libraries that are embraced by schools and communities, we can inspire a love of reading, break barriers and change lives.

78% of South Africa’s Grade 4 children cannot read for meaning

- Progress in international reading literacy study, 2016

How to get involved

Help us create dynamic libraries that inspire a love of reading, break barriers and inspire lives. Here are three ways for you to make a meaningful impact.


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