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Jenny Morris – Celebrity chef and radio personality

"Reading is a gift that can take a child to far off places. As a child what I loved most at school was the school library, I spent many a lunch break there getting lost in the pages of the beautiful books, be it History, Nature, fact or fiction there was a book to grow my knowledge and entertain me. We are all responsible for nurturing the children of this world and we can all become involved in giving them the gift of reading, we owe it to them. You can get involved by fundraising, collecting, sorting, covering and cataloguing books and installing school libraries. Give a child a gift of a lifetime, a gift that needs to be given while they are young, the gift of loving to read!"

Joanne Hichens – Crime writer

"For many South Africans, reading is second nature. We grew up with books lying around the house. Our parents could afford to buy books. Tragically, for millions of South Africans, this was not the case, and the problem continues to this day: there is no money for books in most households of poorer communities. Most schools have not had the capital to provide libraries. So bearing in mind this sad state of affairs, how does one promote a reading culture? By providing books, by creating libraries, by encouraging a love of the written word. Essentially, by bringing books to children. This is what The Bookery has done, and keeps doing. I applaud the fantastic, and practical efforts of the project, which is making leaps and bounds towards setting up libraries in so many schools where books have not been available. Thanks to the generosity of South Africans, who donate books, and to the volunteers who run the project under the auspices of the Cape Times. It is a project which will change and shape the future of South Africa.Readers are thinkers. And we need thinkers to ensure that the future is bright for all who live here. And stories, of course, bring so much pleasure. After all is said and done, we want our children, all our children, to benefit from reading."

John van de Ruit – Author

"I was lucky enough to hold a book signing at The Bookery in Cape Town where I came to hear the inspirational story of The Bookery. The mission of creating libraries in underprivileged schools in South Africa is a noble one, and it's a mission that I and the Spud Trust would like to support. A life with reading is a richer life."

Mike Nicol – Crime writer

"Without books our lives can never be complete. Books are not only about storing and keeping knowledge but through reading sharing that knowledge among ourselves. Equally importantly, books are about stimulating our imaginations, about opening our lives to places and characters undreamed of. Books give us freedom. What The Bookery is doing is hugely important for present and future generations."